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  1. Plagues Breakaway.

    Username: level Timezone: US Est Multi/ singles pker? I pk all styles of pking, as well as multi and singles. 10+ years pking. Play time: 20 days, 13 hours, 10 minutes. Language(s): English Discord: Yes Microphone: Yes
  2. Anything pking related would be good haha. At least I know it isn't a glitch and it is just an error in text. Thanks for the help.
  3. I considered the PKP to be much more valuable on a server where I mostly pk, and it seemed like a nice reward for higher ranks that wasn't too over powered considering it cost me a buttload of scrolls. I guess 30% droprate is good, but when I pk 99% of the time i'm online LMAO not so much. Tbh this is just saddening that I basically ranked for nothing. I pk here, the game is called runewild afterall XD.
  4. Isn't it misleading for the benefits page to list that it boosts PKP/Coins by 100% and it doesn't do pkp, with no indication that it was removed? I got ultimate rank so I could benefit by profiting more pking and now I'm figuring out the listed benefit just doesn't exist and was never removed from the listed benefits?
  5. Yeah I still am only getting 500 PKP per kill. Feeling a bit like I wasted money on rank. I was thinking I'd be getting 1k PKP a kill, maybe more with the vote boost as well. I'm just still at the default PKP and I'm ultimate rank lol.
  6. The part im talking about also it says for ultimate rank "the gp and pk points reward for kills increase by 100%." So that shouldn't even involve voting I thought lol.
  7. Just tested and even after voting I am receiving only 500 pkp per kill at ultimate rank. Something def isn't right
  8. Ahh... a bit of an oversight I guess but the text in the donator benefits seems to imply it is a flat boost to PKP and not just when voting. Thanks, going to test it now.
  9. Recently got ultimate rank I still receive only 500 pkp per kill? I asked around and the default is 500, is it not? The rank of ultimate should boost it by 100% according to the benefits listed in the donator shop. Am I missing something, or is it simply glitched and not boosting as intended? Seems to be a pretty big benefit I am missing out on. One of the main reasons I went for a higher rank was to get more PkP per kill over time.