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  1. Yell Color

    im pretty sure you cant
  2. severs down?

    Server is up, havent even been down
  3. Flower poker lanes

    Maybe a ladder somewhere in the ::fp area that leads to an underground cave full of flower poker lanes and gambling content?
  4. I killed 10k demonic gorillas! (Massive giveaway)

    Congrats! 10k basilisk knights now? D:
  5. help!!!!!

    Your forum account's password can differ from the in-game account's password, maybe you changed the wrong one? Wrong section anyways tho
  6. Basilisk Knight Location & Explanation.

    didnt know you can walk away from the special attack orb, tnanks lol
  7. Solo Olm Guide

    Great guide
  8. Herblore Guide

    ayo cant spawn those items lmao
  9. thank you very much :=)
  10. NPC locations Guide [Updated December 20 2021]

    Very useful, detailed, been using it myself
  11. Official - PRICE GUIDE - 2021

    Really awesome that someone keeps updating this constantly, great guide
  12. Nex (All in one) Guide

    Easy to understand, quick guide, good job
  13. Count to 25 within an hour

    hey man u cheated
  14. Loot From 100 Cerberus

    Cant wait for loot from 100 tob
  15. Explain this Raids RNG please.

    Lol how about claws and stuff?
  16. Log Drops from 100 Cox!

    lmao isnt this the wrong section anyways?
  17. Loot From 100 Cox [Ironman]

    Only 1 rare? smh
  18. Ironman luck?

  19. Few suggestions

    All of them sound great, especially increasing the rewards when killing someone on a high killstreak.
  20. Noted mboxes and ultras

    Yeah it would indeed make trading them easier.
  21. Money making Guide

    Nice detailed guide Like David said, slayer is also a decent way to make money, also barraging creatures in catacombs, battle-mages in mage arena and thieving stalls after 75 is pretty awesome (take that from the guy with #1 in thieving haha).