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  1. Application for staff

    Hey rayp, nice to see you. what do you mean with: „but I think it’s about time“ ? gl
  2. Application for staff

    Im pretty sure that isnt a real problem.
  3. Application for staff

    Thanks nicc for your comment. I did a correction with more statements about me..
  4. Application for staff

    Application for staff What's your in-game username? - Skills Spec What is your timezone? - Europe West What is your playtime? - 19 days, 23 hours. I'm playing between 3 and ∞ hours a day depending on how much time i have. Thats my hobby. Tell us a little about your RSPS history. - I have a lot of experience in RSPS. I playing Runewild and Dawntained but i also played Soulplay, Spawnpk and Beastpk. Why do you want to be a member of our staff team? - I want to be a helping person of the community. i want to make sure that players behave and follow the rules of the server. In addition, it would be important to me that the staff team work well together and I /the server's players bring in suggestions for improving Runewild to #1 at toplists. Anything else you want to tell us can be posted here: All the staffs I have been in contact do an excellent job by helping my problems or questions.. I am always friendly for interested People of game content or my person. Im pretty sure i know 90% of runewild's content and it would be great if i could share this with new ppl or players with experience that need help with Prices/Bossing guides or anything else. I would also try to bring my friends of my social media accounts to new runewild players. Most of my friends playing osrs or other rsps, i'm pretty sure i can bring them to runewild and grow up the community....