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  1. Wizard 9

    Welcome, hopefully you will enjoy your stay!
  2. Thanks for the great work as always, you're doing a fabulous job!
  3. Staff Update 5/29/2019

    Thank you for the oppertunity, it is a great experience being a support on this amazing staff team <3

    Nice video, goodluck everyone on the giveaway!
  5. Staff Application - HanZo

    I will also be remaining neutral for now, mainly because i'd like to see more of you ingame. We did exchange a few words and you seem like a nice person. We will see what the future beholds.
  6. Thank you for the price list, i am sure people will make great use of it.
  7. Not bad, good clicks, let me know if you're interested in a nice edit of your clips. I really need to practice my video editing, but don't have the required content.
  8. Donator Suggestions

    I support some of these, we will see what the future brings.
  9. Nh stake and 4vs4 pure nh tourney

    Pretty good, keep up the content man!
  10. Sam drank a red bull and went pking

    Enjoyed watching the video, good job. Keep it up.
  11. Amazing, thank you for the update and the hard work you put into this server.
  12. Reem's Staff Application

    Sorry, but in my opinion this application has no effort at all.
  13. Pure nh tourney win/flash2:wave2: [P][N][L] slap vid

    Well done man. I'll catch you around.
  14. First hour on server and i'm rich!!!

    Not bad, well done haha. Now don't lose the ags pking.