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  1. Road To Max

    I really hope you stuck it out
  2. Road To Max

    Gl how did u get on
  3. 250m drop party at 5 likes on this post <3

    We're u been bro

    50/50 drop rate

    Hahaha yh u get or u don't
  6. Theatre of Blood

    You definitely put effort into this do you still play
  7. Theatre of Blood

    I respect the effort
  8. Keep dcing ingame

    Reset Internet ect
  9. Keep dcing ingame

    Could be just a temporary issue
  10. Too many login attempts?

  11. Too many login attempts?

    What Peter said pal
  12. Off Topic - Staff

    I'm glad to hear aswell
  13. Home Teleport Locations

    Be a great idea
  14. Home Teleport Locations

    Yeah I think it would .
  15. Boosting in Edge Events

    Sure it's easy to get kills in certain gear. Mate