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  1. Badass update, keep up the good work.
  2. (S) Green Partyhat

    Yeah, I still got it. What's good.
  3. (S) Green Partyhat

    Selling this bad boy for 1.5b, swapping it for feros or wise old mans hat.
  4. Fux Boy introduction

    What's good with it g
  5. Jelly Bean

    what flavor jelly bean are you though?
  6. What up

    Not this guy again....my lord
  7. Hello I am Rayp.

    Hello Rayp, I like to do the chacha like a sissy la-la, enjoy your stay and since you're new around here. I sell wildy passes really cheap for new players. Pm for more info
  8. Help

    Hhhhhhh hallo my fam, welcum to runewild ok or no
  9. Great update, I like how the torva isn't fully pre-eoc. Would like to see how it plays out in edge though, as far as the wildy events....I would hope it's possible to move the multi-zone events into singles so new players/solo players can enjoy the events as well.
  10. sup gamers Madeinafrica here (Barkatnigz moderator (pm to spy)) to dump my adventures on Runewild from 5 days found alot of free loot at chins and Nh staking lately so decided to share (ALL NH STAKES ARE FOR 100M minumum some for Ancestral, forgot to screenshot some ) PM MadeInAfrica#3147 to confidentially discuss spying #barkatnigz