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  1. sup gamers Madeinafrica here (Barkatnigz moderator (pm to spy)) to dump my adventures on Runewild from 5 days found alot of free loot at chins and Nh staking lately so decided to share (ALL NH STAKES ARE FOR 100M minumum some for Ancestral, forgot to screenshot some ) PM MadeInAfrica#3147 to confidentially discuss spying #barkatnigz
  2. high risker staff application-

    Definitely a huge no from me, myself and I. The toxicity and mediocre mentality you seem to brandish all over the server is kind of repulsive, you have an immaculate cc yes because you mass recruited dying\irl $ needed players. I'm being neutral when I say this, you have been nothing but negative since I've came back and don't know how you plan on becoming a staff member. I mean everyone is entitled to apply I suppose, good luck.