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  1. 6IXTH's Official Clan Thread

    Username: BUFTimezone: (GMT+1)Language(s): Spanish, CantoneseDiscord: ¿Qué es esta discordia? Yo uso SkypeMicrophone: si
  2. HiT aGs HiT

  3. MaNy MeN [Nhing]

  4. FiX Ur GaMe [Nhing]

    hence a "chance" ya donkey
  5. Deep Wild Nher: I'm Back

    Disclaimer: I havn't been in Impact for 6-12months just the account/name I have/use I'm looking for a single CC to roll with : ) my disc is Doobla#4992
  6. Best Multi/Single CC!! #RA

    its not :C
  7. Best Multi/Single CC!! #RA

    @jody only people who were in ra that are in there is chucky boi, wr fgh and kurby most are randoms
  8. Best Multi/Single CC!! #RA

    fake RA but gl :C