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    good clips in there, nice work bro!
  2. purple sweets

    not sure how many situations they would be good for on runewild besides gaining run energy in places. not very appealing imo
  3. Deep wild adventures

    lol that hill dd though.
  4. Old Days

    vaguely remember this from when I lived at my old house, I started a bit after this but I believe I shortly played in this period for like a week or so =P
  5. good content mate, keep up the good vids
  6. CoX Solo No Food

    good stuff bud !
  7. Exploiting your talents! - Share artistic views!

    Goodluck with the music dream sir!
  8. Mulikkas sextape watch now (fgoons season2)

    Not bad I suppose.
  9. Troubles logging in

    For you sir it would be best to contact a member of staff with moderator + rank via the runewild discord for further assistance.
  10. AIO Bosses Guide

    Could use a rework for sure, bit outdated.
  11. Too many login attempts?

    Adding to what Peter said, after figuring out which email you want to use and entering it on login screen, it will ask you for username selection, there you may enter any username you would like and it will tell you if it is available or not. Gl on runewild.
  12. nice update man, keep up the good work.
  13. Staff Update 1/22/2019

    gzzzzzzz to all !
  14. First Solo Scythe in Game

  15. Updated Crafting Guide / Rates

    Awesome guide man thanks!