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  1. [Video] Raids 2 Solo Guide

    Thank you for posting this. Quality work.
  2. Bio's reintroduction

    Welcome back Bio.
  3. Hey Smokey, thank you for taking the time to fill this application. I have to be brutally honest here, I told you I was going to wait to respond to see how you handle yourself ingame - & from what I’ve seen so far it seems you are offering people spots in your goody-bag giveaway if they leave you positive feedback which I cannot support. Bribing people to support your application isn’t the right way to go about getting yourself out there. People will see your application regardless, you should’ve let the responses come naturally so you would have genuine & honest feedback. I’m sorry but i’m Negative for now on this, if I see an honest effort I’ll be sure to edit my response. Best of luck, - Jhaf
  4. Be In It To Win It! (OSRS Rewards)

    I’m hyped! Genuinely looks very good & as Adam said it will be much easier to claim the rewards.
  5. Congrats to all the winners!
  6. want be staff

    As prestige & Adam said this application seems rushed & lacks details - so Unfortunately i can’t support your application at this time, though I have no problem changing my opinion if I see more effort on your part. I’d like to see a revised - well thought out application next time as well as more activity in game where you can. (Help-cc / anywhere else you see fit) best of luck!
  7. Sloppy Clip Dump

    Why do my claws never hit this.. nice video g.
  8. Week V, VI & VII KOTH Winner: Gambinos

    Grats boys.
  9. Wag1

    Welcome back brother.
  10. Staff Update 1/22/2019

    Congrats to all my boys.
  11. my idea

    I respect the enthusiasm if I’m honest. Here are my thoughts - 1. You’re suggesting that we implement weekly challenges ( apart from the achievements, tournaments, King Of The Hill, leaderboards, & lastly the Ironman rewards ) I fear this will quickly become redundant and Boring. it would also be difficult to determine how many players would actually participate in this in hopes of getting free art. Like I said I’m theory it sounds nice but I’m not sure how realistic it is. 2. I think any sort of action against a scammer should be dealt with by staff & with the appropriate amount of evidence - leaving no room for people to troll. How difficult is it to just avoid and ignore someone who is a known scammer / or scammed you in the past. 3. That’s why we have the suggestions thread on forums! I think that collecting suggestions every week sounds somewhat forced - wouldn’t it be better to let the suggestions come in organically as they’re thought up? Theres only so many ideas people can have before the ideas start to become that of a CUSTOM server, Which runewild is not. All of these are just my opinions mate. I appreciate the time you put in to make this post though keep it up! -Jhaf
  12. SO hype for this update. Good shit @David.
  13. Pk Vid lol

    Impressive. YT channel?
  14. Hybrid & NH PVP 8 & 9

    The man himself. Sick videos g.
  15. Famine - Ultimate Decimation + GIVEAWAY @@@

    never fails to disappoint. Maybe slightly over edited? (opinion) none the less, mans a beast.