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  1. Staff application

    Hard no. very toxic player and would not make a good mod
  2. Above average

    Nice video, some solid clips there
  3. first runewild video, enjoy

    Nice video, decent editing.. as dirty spec says don't speed your clips but great music choice! love DMX
  4. Murano YT app

    Good luck on your application, and nice video
  5. David's staff application

    Due to bad language and toxic attitude in-game i can't support this, Would also like to see you a bit more active! goodluck on your application tho!
  6. loting bag

    I'm going to be honest here, i didn't understand any of that:o
  7. YouTube application :)

    Good luck on your application!

    Good work and good content. Thanks for giving back to the community!
  9. Gang

    Keep it up sir. Dont forget to like, comment, subscribe!
  10. Hunger-games

    Nice vid Keep up the work!
  11. new pk vid

    Nice video. Music choice has me a bit like 0.0 haha. Keep up the work sir!
  12. Runecrafting Guide

    Great Guide Bizotic, Keep this quality of work up
  13. Murano Staff Application

    Fear is a pretty active, obviously a veteran player so knows the game pretty well. Wish you best of luck on your App friend.
  14. Great update, Thank you to the developer and david for putting in long hours to make this update possible
  15. If you need help LMK, but im sure you got it under control