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  1. Week V, VI & VII KOTH Winner: Gambinos

    #gambinos we take this money every week
  2. Fix DH holy shit.

  3. #LEGION Singles team is recruiting!

    Goodluck with recruiting for 100m il stay solo Lol
  4. noob

    @Rudrathanks bro
  5. noob

    thanks @ret456urd
  6. noob

    @22andtonk u are accepted to the clan man welcome to the family. add me on discord EN3MY#9400
  7. The Gambino Crime Family

  8. noob

    U can join the clan ''pvm united'' in game and add me on discord please EN3MY#9400
  9. Civil Nation - PvM Clan

    Example Application Username: EN3MY Gear (Show as screenshot or in game, will effect rank): Armadyl, dwh, t bow, zammy spear, ancestreal, all 3 boots eternal prims and pegs, tanz helm/serp helm, arma cbow, bp, bandos, fury or, tent, all barrows sets, full void all styles, and some small items like occult all rings imbued 30k scp and more. PvM experience?: 2k Corp kc, (Raids 1 500+ kc, Raids 2 1kc) OSRS Notable Drops (Screenshots or just say): dwh, t bow, arcane (with u), spectral (with u), torture. Discord?(Yes/No): Yes! Do you agree to split EVERY drop (Yes/No): Yes!
  10. Civil Nation - PvM Clan

    perfect timing with raids 2 coming next weekend, u are a madman sick post gl with ur clan! always liked pvm more then pking tbh just pk single sometimes for fun ;P