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  1. HCIMortem | Staff Application

    thanks man!
  2. Foster's staff app

    Hey foster you should try following the template. What's your in-game username? - What is your timezone? - What is your playtime? - Tell us a little about your gaming history. - Why do you want to be a member of our staff team? - Anything else you want to tell us can be posted here:
  3. HCIMortem | Staff Application

  4. HCIMortem | Staff Application

    Thanks you
  5. Ironman Suggestions

    I agree with everything you said. I also think certain things should be removed from the shop to make the challenge and the journey to end game a lot longer and feel a lot more rewarding for example. Remove Dragon crossbows from the store, they're very overpowered for early game players for only 5m? I'd recommend them to be a Rune/addy Dragon drop only. Remove Dragon Hunter crossbow from the store, once again to overpowered for early game players make it a NPC drop only. Remove Talismans from the skilling store, make people PVM for them it makes it so much rewarding and content for the game when you have to actually grind for certain things to be able to move forward on your Ironman Remove certain skilling supplies which are linked together for example... logs, woodcut first then firemake, Cooking supplies, fish first then cook.. Bars, mine first then smith. Due to the 1 world I think HCIM should have immunity for 2 parts of the day for around 30 minutes within the wilderness since most BIG pvm bosses are camped by many multi teams it allows a drout for them to achieve certain items for example twisted bow its a 95% chance of them dying while trying to get having immunity for 2 parts of the day allows them to actually put 1 hour of pure grinding into something that's near impossible at other times, this is still hard for a hcim if he dies since they lose their gear but yeah it's just a suggestion since it makes it alot harder for HCIM to move forward. allow certain items I know this is possible recode them under a different ID and make them untradeable and undroppable for inferno cape and assembler and similar items since having inferno cape for sale for 500 vote points is kinda P2W but I understand the reasoning it gives an eco for voting which is important. make the assembler drop rate 100% within 50 kills same as 07 for Ironman only. adding a warriors guild would be fun also if possible and removing dragon defender from store. This is quite a unique thing but I think allowing us to decide what HP the Ring of life teleports us out on would same alot of DC deaths and save alot of heart breaks for HCIM. I have many more suggestions but I'll save them for the future.
  6. HCIMortem | Staff Application

    I searched on alot of previous other staff applications and they got pulled up for having shared accounts (meaning their staff account could be used by someone else) I put that there just to justify the fact no one would ever have access to my accounts so its actually opposite to what you said its more of a reassurance for them.
  7. HCIMortem | Staff Application

    I don't have control over my members actions in game, I can tell them to a certain level to stop I also tell them when yelling to involve no flame or flame baiting when it comes down to team/staff I'd understand the seperation and I wouldn't be biast in any situation, if anything having me on the staff team would allow me to actually stop alot of the toxicness within the community even from people within my team.
  8. Staff Application

    Could do with a little more infomation friend, I've seen you around game you seem helpful whenever I've seen you!
  9. HCIMortem | Staff Application

    The clan doesn't effect how I operate as a person and the flame etc isn't something I assicolate with and when it effects other parts of the communties etc on yell it'll be something I have a huge inflict in telling people not to do which I resolve within the team already by telling them not to do so.
  10. HCIMortem | Staff Application

    Glad I could help
  11. Sync's Staff Application :D

    Great assist to the community!
  12. What's your in-game username? - HCIMortem | L What is your timezone? - GMT What is your playtime? - L HCIMortem Tell us a little about your gaming history. - Mostly just Runescape apart from competitive Call of Duty (CoD 4-MW2). Then adventured onto RSPS back in 2017 where I've decided to lead a team and be apart of the PVP community. I started playing Runewild 2 years ago. I've forum administered many other games such as Vainglory and Gamebattles. I've hosted my own RSPS but never got around to actually launching back in 2016 which was a self project with myself and a few others, so I understand the work that goes in from David, which I appreciate. Since running Teams on multiple RSPS's I've always dealt with problems of different communities of my own which would tranfer over to benefit the staff team and the server as a whole. I've not been very active on any RSPS Forums due to never having any reasoning to do so as Discord in my opinion is a much easier platform to get/send help. If my application is accepted I will make it a priority to become EVEN more active and make it a daily routine to help people every single day. I've had a HCIM for 1+ year now on Runewild and it's expanded my knowledge of the server from areas I never considered before, from the eco system to the drop rates and the NPC locations and the best skilling methods. Why do you want to be a member of our staff team? - I feel like my game knowledge of Runewild is second to none. I'm always willing to take on problems others are not willing to do. I've been asked many times to apply before but I never thought it was the right time for me so i've always delayed it, right now I think the role within the staff team for me would be suited. I've dedicated many hours/days into projects with David to help him in different areas to benefit the server, I'm willing to help and watch the server devolop and grow. Anything else you want to tell us can be posted here: All my accounts are secure and are not shared with anyone.