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  1. Louis | Staff Application

    as much as I agree, lets keep the subject of the application as the main focus!
  2. Louis | Staff Application

    Words do exchange between both teams and I do restrict members from saying thing's but ddos threats etc is nothing that has ever happened, I've also dc'd numerous amount of time's and been told "get better net" etc and I just contacted david straight up about it and he explained further more, I never accused of ddosing I just put evidence on the table and asked for a refund. You're been very picking with the communities we both socialize with members within your team "plague" also are not all the saints they promise to be and the chat between my members and yours is 1 for 1, if any ddos threats or anything is passed the line I mention to them they've passed the line and any punishment they recieve is on them and upto the staff team. David has screenshots of me telling my members to stop crossing the line and telling them if they say/do certain thing's they'll be removed from my team. I'm going to ignore the second part due to it rather not much to do with me but rather you saying alot about how the help clan chat is uesless and how you use to be a staff member.
  3. Louis | Staff Application

    This app is legit same time you applied lol, thanks.
  4. Craig | Staff Application

    Strong app +1 so much experience
  5. Louis | Staff Application

    I don't, but ok. -.-!!!
  6. Louis | Staff Application

    Been a pleassure!
  7. Louis | Staff Application

    Thanks bro! :3
  8. Louis | Staff Application

    I'm a very approachable person, I do alot of helping within the discord community, alot approach me via pms. When it comes to in game I help when help is needed. Thanks for your comment though, appriciate it.
  9. Louis | Staff Application

    Expected response :3 False claims though. I never cause CC confrontations, unfortunately its the nature of the game when two teams clash it causes tentsion and as you been a leader of one and me been leader of another it happens, I'm looking past that though. As your members also admit it wasn't my team that started any confrontation, it was actually a cause of anger from yourside but that's besides the point. Anyone can put claims against me for ddosing, I have also dc'd 3-4 times vs your team with evidence and I never accused you once but here I am getting accused, your response was "get better net". I'm very interested in single aspect of Runewild yes, I don't think that affects my application at all in anyway though. The trust issue seems to be very indivdual based and thankfully David trusts me quite alot which oversees your trust of me been a mod. Thank you for your input though, I respect it and hopefully you can look past certain things and become more mutural with the situation.
  10. Louis | Staff Application

    I help where help is needed, If I've seen someone struggling I've mostly always put myself out my way. When it comes to my HCIM I've had 3 but my most recent one that I actually played is 6 days play time, which is enough time to have knowledge within the game IMO. I feel like I can bring alot to the table tbh. I respect your input though.
  11. Max Cape Perks