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  1. Imbued ring

    Set all the rings like that then. Cant pick what you want, thats stupid and confusing.
  2. Imbued ring

    No. I was edge pking. Needs a fix asap
  3. Imbued ring

    Sorry for my late response but I was using protect item and would lose the ring. Thats why I kept Dragon claws, and bers ring I is kept on death.
  4. Imbued ring

    Why can I protect One imbued ring over another? Basically update the ring of suffering (i) to be not lost on death, https://imgur.com/a/0mjhsM3
  5. whats the xp rates on ironmen? also david if you splash a magic spell you dont get the xp you should for ironmen. its same as 07.