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  1. Watch Duel Teleport.

    Make it so we can teleport to watch a duel at !duel make the command !wduel/::wduel. I think everyone that watches their friends stakes would like that. PS. If talked to David about this and he's most likely going to put it into the game. But as other suggestions i would like you guy's feedback. Kind Regards, KKR aka Marius
  2. KKR aka Marius

    Nice to meet you too bro ! #TheNetherlands
  3. KKR aka Marius

    Hey guys, As some of u already know me and others don't id like to introduce myself ! Im Marius aka KKR, im 21 years old and if been playing Runewild on and of for the past year. If been playing on 4 different accounts (Thastylezz, Hoerenzoon, Thastyle) and me KKR I love playing pk servers to improve my pk skills, ( im pretty bad plz teach me) and Runewild is 1 billion procent is the best and most fun server of them all! I hope to see you guys in game pretty soon! Don't be shy to say hi ! Much love, KKR