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  1. Money making Guide

    Great guide man and my pleasure to help you man glad i could be apart of such a great guide will defontly recomend this to new players! keep it my bae <3
  2. Corporal Beast Event

    I think this is a GREAT idea! keep it going man!
  3. Wizard 9

    Welcome man! any assistance needed feel free to pm me or join "help" cc
  4. Hello runewild, i was wondering today what would the players like to see and ik we have the suggestions section but i mean in the future what content would u like or to be changed and what events or things would u like to see from the staff team? please reply.
  5. Donator Suggestions

    seems abit pay 2 win tbh in my mind but they doo seem interesting
  6. Great Update guys! cant wait to make guides on it!