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  1. ShadowRs07's Staff Aplication

    Anytime man, just giving you a heads up
  2. Money making Guide

    Great guide man and my pleasure to help you man glad i could be apart of such a great guide will defontly recomend this to new players! keep it my bae <3
  3. staff application- elve mage

    Hello i like the support your willing to do to join staff but if you could add more to the staff app and go more in depth would love it but for now no comment yet.
  4. ShadowRs07's Staff Aplication

    Hey man, i appreciate the effort to join staff but please use the format provided by nick the admin on the pinned topic. but if you could do a indepth application we will then comment on this.
  5. Vortex Staff Application

    Havnt seen you alot but keep cracking on, show up ingame and help and you will be great man! neutral
  6. Corporal Beast Event

    I think this is a GREAT idea! keep it going man!
  7. Wizard 9

    Welcome man! any assistance needed feel free to pm me or join "help" cc
  8. Staff Application - HanZo

    haven't really seen you much but by reading the app u seem like a good person currently neutral.
  9. Hello runewild, i was wondering today what would the players like to see and ik we have the suggestions section but i mean in the future what content would u like or to be changed and what events or things would u like to see from the staff team? please reply.
  10. Donator Suggestions

    seems abit pay 2 win tbh in my mind but they doo seem interesting
  11. Applestakes Staff application.

    Very nice person, would love to see you slightly more helpful in "help" cc but overall +1
  12. Great Update guys! cant wait to make guides on it!