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    nice to see some competition to start coming up against the dominance that is #gambinos. good luck to you mate and hope to be warring you soon. polite warning though - any of ur members get mouthy/give attitude to any of gambinos members and ur whole clan will be perm ragged and wont pk just like ratlords/impact are now forced to skill. all the best - Number1ragg #1nser #1ragger #1flamer #gambinos#1 #1 smiter of jordens wooden legs
  2. remove blacklist entirely its wilderness and impact/ratlords shouldn't be able to avoid me when they talk so much trash in-game number1ragg #1 nser #1 ragger #1 flamer #gambinos#1 #1 smiter of jordens wooden legs
  3. Staff Feedback Format

    David - good owner, listens to stuff that needs updating and gets It done quite fast (pvp items are needed ASAP) - 10/10 Virtus - I don't know u. - N/A B - decent mod, from previous instances can be improved in parts but you don't associate with the vermin anymore which is good. you last good out of staff team u did 2 hours ns vs me which I respect. cookiemonsta just flamed me then muted me instead - 8/10 Heart Attack - best nser on staff team 10/10 respect. doesn't hesitate to tell me off when I do something wrong even tho we mates and id make him quit pking so respect on the un-bias moderating - 10/10 Nicc - only ever seen u pvming in raids since u got promoted if no raids team online ''nicc has logged out'' so - 1/10 Pied Piper - chilled guy and spends a lot of time answering medicore questions that everyone should know after 15 years of runescape so - 9/10 AK - only really seen u when I permed u and u blacklisted me after 1 invo so cant really judge, heard u was in the vermin clan so my opinion starts off as low for u, hope to see u active and helping soon - 2/10 (based on only the 1 interaction) Cata - my only interaction with this polite fella, I noticed a few things - firstly his poor grasp of the English language and overuse of the word friend. secondly his eagerness to abuse his position to help his ratlord comrades avoid being forced to blacklist like the common vermin bully victim overall: activity 1/10 braincell count 1/10 abusive nature 10/10 status: permed with rest of ratlords PS. 'blacklist under maintenance', so why cant I hit anyone else in your clan in edge? they've all blacklisted me to avoid having to fight with me so I think our friend cata either class action braindead OR closet ratlord hmmm. either way...both the same. all other staff - good job your doing well