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  1. Apologies from Smokey, and exciting news!

    We had been provided screenshots of you conversating with people, asking for them to post a positive comment on your staff application in return for some items from your goodiebag. This is definitely not the way to approach trying to become a staff member as it's pretty much bribing. We're here to make sure everyone on the game has an enjoyable time while playing the game as well as keep the game secure and so we enforce rules and help out whoever we can as much as we can. This is the biggest aspect of being and becoming a Moderator so I hope you'll think it through before your next application and maybe you'll have a better shot then. Good luck mate.
  2. D Spear Pking

    Not sure about that mate, haven't really tried doing it myself so far, but that sounds buggy.
  3. D Spear Pking

    What do you mean exactly? If you're talking about d spear speccing into another weapon and then speccing again, yes it doesn't stack like that. This was fixed long ago.
  4. edge newbie

    Nice video mate, I like the effort. Needs some work on the editting part but you're on a good path.
  5. ~ Coach's Intro ~ o("o)

    Hello Coach, welcome back to the game. Hope you'll enjoy your stay again;).
  6. Yell Color

    This should make a lot of people happy lol. Good one bud.
  7. Couple of suggestions

    I mean I could agree on the Ava's being overly expensive, but I disagree on the price of the infernal. Infernal is expensive as fuck to obtain on 07 itself, why make it any easier on this game you know. The only reason the Ava is in the equal price range is because it's the only way to really ''freely'' obtain it, but it's a very rare drop. And for Ironmen, we're already working on things to place for ironmen. We're trying to make everything obtainable for them and definitely do consider stuff like this to be very hard for them to get. Just wait mate, changes will come.
  8. Couple of suggestions

    I support adding a bonecrusher, would be a great benefit for many people. I don't support an instanced vorkath though, there's a reason it drops those certain high valued items and also a reason it's in multi for the whole server to hit. If you want to instance the vorkath, I'd do it without the infernal and head on the drop table then. No opinion on the dwarf cannon as of yet.
  9. Sloppy Clip Dump

    Nice video, but that's some disturbing music lol.
  10. RuneWild Big Boy List

    You should really change the text colour as it is almost impossible to read like this lol.
  11. Week V, VI & VII KOTH Winner: Gambinos

  12. Good updates! Can't wait to try them out.
  13. Current Inventory for the DH Tournaments Blow

    That would make a single tournament last forever lol, nobody has time for that mate.
  14. Current Inventory for the DH Tournaments Blow

    You're contradicting yourself when you're saying it should be about skill, because with less combo food it actually takes more skill to stay alive. You're supposed to be able to use your given resources well enough to know how to survive and when to eat what. If you do a 3 way combo eat everytime you eat, obviously you're not going to be able to maintain surviving because you're going to be through your combo food really quick. I've done a fair few melee based tournaments and I've never gotten to the point I didn't have enough combo food to eat if I'd be getting big hits on me. And tournaments already have the most stable RNG currently, as the tournament RNG system works the same as ::cpvp. But both being exactly in the same gear and in full defensive bonuses, it's already clear it'll be a RNG fight where unfortunately most times whoever is lucky enough to get the biggest DPS wins.