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    Lads, best of luck.
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    General Info Revolutionary Army ,is a warring clan which strives to be the best in all aspects of RuneWild. Some of the things you can get if you choose to be in Revolutionary Army, are: ¤ A strong community willing to help each other out ¤ Many wars ¤ Nearly around the clock leadership (get help when you need it!) ¤ An active cc with people on at almost all hours ¤ A Discord that has many people talking all day! ¤ And a place you can call home! General Rules Following are the clan rules which you must abide by at all times. Most of these refer to the offsite clan discussion boards that we use actively for all clan communications: I. Respect 1) Read and follow the pinned topics located at the top of each clan forum section. 2) Do not swear or use any form of profanity on clan forums. 3) Do not flame,insult or degrade other members, through posts or private messages. 4) Do not use harmful,offensive,or obscene content as your avatar/signature. 5 )Do not advertise on offsite clan forums, links are strictly forbidden. 6 )Respect everyone's opinions,do not force your views upon others. 7 )If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all. II. Spam 1)Do not post brief comments which are meaningless. 2)Do not double post, use the edit button if you made a mistake. 3)Do not post a topic that is only directed at one member, the PM system on the clan forums has a purpose. 4)Do not bump a topic just to raise it to the top of the corresponding clan forum. III.Miscellaneous 1)Do not attempt to impersonate another player upon joining. 2)Do not encourage others to break any of our clan rules. 3)Do not use clan forums to trade RS/RSPS accounts or items with real life money. 4)Do not register more than one account on clan forums. 5)Do not give anyone your personal information. 6)Never share your forum account with another person. IV. Multi-Clanning As an honourable clan, we seek honourable members who do not multi-clan. When you are a member of Revolutionary Army, you are allowed only to be in our clan and are not permitted to join any other clans. This includes being involved in any kind of activity which creates competition against our clan in anyway, such as recruiting for or helping other clans in goals that we are trying to improve or achieve. More severe infringements include defamation of our clan image, leaking clan information and attempting to cause dissension while under the influence of another clan. Anyone who is found to infringe upon this rule can expect to be instantly dismissed or in worse cases, banned. Members are however allowed to attend public events which do not interfere with our clan events. V. Activity Although majority of our clan events are optional, but we expect members to attend official events. Mandatory events are rare but special. It's when we require all of our members to show up and represent the clan as a whole. By joining Revolutionary Army, you agree to become an active member of our community both in game and on our offsite forum. Therefore everybody is required to post regularly and sign up for mandatory events. The only exceptions are: 1)An official tell you otherwise. 2)You're going to be inactive during that time (You must post an inactivity topic). 3)The event isn't labelled mandatory when posted by an official, such as fun trip to castle wars, Pvm trip etc. Members who fail to sign up for a mandatory event will be subject to demotion, while inactive members can expect to see their names on our next inactivity sweep, where they have to post their reason for not being active and their way of making up for it. If they fail to do so, they will be subject to dismissal. You will always have something to do as a part of Revolutionary Army, we have a variety of events which accommodate for a diverse range of players. We regularly think of something creative to entertain even the most demanding of people. We even encourage you to host your own events so that you can do what ever activity you like,at a time that is convenient to you while having plenty of friends to keep you company. You will never against have to do anything alone, your outgoing community will be more than happy to accompany you on your favorite activities. With the use of our Clan Forums and other commonly used communications tools, we can assure that all members are aware of every event efficiently.VI. Discord Revolutionary Army, Teamspeak is exclusive to #RA members only. Discordis also MANDATORY for all wars! Just like your offsite forum and clan chat/friends chat, our Discord has rules too. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Format: What Is your In-Game Name? Why do you wanna Join? What is your experience to Nhing/bridding In multipk? What is your KDR? How many Hours a day are you online on RuneWild? Why should you be accepted ? Do you Have Discord/Skype/Teamspeaker? (1 Required) If you get accepted you will be able to join the CC "RA"