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  1. You’re trying too hard, typical staff hunter.

    Owner @David I haven't spoken to you that much, I've played your previous servers and you clearly know what's best for the server in terms of content and updates. I personally thought last update was a bit questionable since I've seen you talk about CoX, Inferno & Hydra in discord I got my hopes up. Everything comes in due time I guess. Your interaction with the community is obviously valued by everyone and it shows you care for this server. Keep up the good work and hope to see great updates in the near future. Administrator @G My first day on this server I contacted you for an issue I encountered and you handled it accordingly, clearly capable to administrate and be in charge of the staff team. My only constructive criticism for you is lack of activity and interaction, not sure if we have different timezones but I've rarely seen you on. I've heard you play on your ironman which is perfectly fine and shows you truly enjoy the server but it'd be nice to see you on more. Global Moderator @Adam I usually don't name my favourites in the team so I don't have a biased opinion but I really got to say, you're amazing. You handle situations very well and interact with the community constantly also one of the most active staff members on Runewild, I see you on constantly. If you stick to the attitude you have and your activity I can definitely see you as an administrator. @Maxed Ah.. Maxed. Your attitude and actions in-game are very questionable, not sure if you have a temper problem but you really got to step your game up. From a players perspective who has no involvement in clan/PKing bullshit you don't seem that friendly to approach. I'm sure you was promoted for good reasons but I've yet to see those, hope you take this the right way and prove me otherwise. @Hovaldo Haven't seen you on that much, probably due to timezone differences. I have noticed you on Discord though so you clearly know what to do. Don't have much feedback to say about you since I haven't seen you on. @Incredible W You were the first staff member I approached on Runewild, even though you assisted me poorly it was dealt with accordingly and I got to know that you're a good moderator. We all have bad days so I'm not going to hold any grudges towards you, keep up the activity in Discord it's pleasing to see. @Jhaf I haven't spoken to you before but you seem to be some kind of veteran, clearly respected by the community and knows exactly what the global moderator rank requires. I would just like to see you interact more with the community on forums & discord, other than that I'm happy you're holding this rank. Moderator @Nicc Your activity is present and I'm pleased to see that, you definitely have potential to be something great within the team so keep up the good work. @AM I was actually surprised by your ability to moderate, not that I had a bad view of you it's just that I didn't expect that much from a regular moderator. I believe you lack bit of professionalism and interaction, remember you are a role model in the community. @Jadakiss Haven't seen you in-game before, probably because of timezone differences. I'm quite active on Discord and haven't seen you there either, step your game up player. @Gooby Really good moderator, as I mentioned on @Niccyou have great potential within the team. Your activity on Discord is beyond me, I'm very happy to see that. Keep up your good work and I'm sure you'll be rewarded.
  3. Not sure if you’re trolling or being serious. If you believe a donator rank + donator zone is a good update after almost one month you’re delusional. There’s plenty of content this server is missing.
  4. J's Staff Application

    This is true I’m not gonna deny it however from what I’ve seen & heard about you today is definitely not staff material.
  5. Really disappointing update. Your prioritization is all over the place, almost a month since the last update and the server gets a donator zone (woho!).
  6. Good change with the overpowered weapons.
  7. J's Staff Application

    Honestly, if these are the types of canidates this server offers and he actually gets a position I’ve definitely lost faith on this server.