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  1. i appreciate it, this are nice words from you.
  2. high risker staff application-

    I think you can tell more in detail why you want to be a staff member and what your goals are to help the server with. but afther all you are verry active player and i think you will do great job as a staff member. I wish you the best off luck
  3. PK Vid #2

  4. Nhing 1

    nice vid make more of it
  5. Calm - My Official Introduction.

    welcome i wish you the best!
  6. Hola

    Welcome! I hope you will enjoy the server
  7. Hello from Russia! ;D come say hi!

    welcome, i wish you the best
  8. making corp easier to kill

    I do not agree with this, corp is pretty okay if you're with 2. Arc and ely are very expensive items if you give them more droprate it would be easy to make money,...
  9. RIGGED DONATOR BOXES!! *Giveaway*

    Fun video to watch, you had good stuff keep it up !