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  1. Our Public Discord - www.discord.me/conquer This was honestly expected. impact avoided giving Conquer any sort of action as a tactic to try and 'starve' us from action. Seems like your little plan didn't follow through that well. All throughout impact's existence on RuneWild they were always known as the team that could 'put their money where their mouth is'. They would always be outnumbering every single team and they were proud of it. It was all fun and games until a new sheriff showed up in town. They had no issues with outnumbering any team until the mage bank event that took place yesterday. 6 March 2019 - The Beginning After fighting solidtag for the first two days of our arrival impact thought they could come through un-invited. Despite being outnumbered at the start, we really showed that it's more quality > quantity. The quality really showed this fight but it's not more to be surprised about since they did start on dawntained. All it took was one swift kill on team captain 'DIZZY' and it completely shattered their confidence in terms of 1v1 (demoted after this death). 7 March 2019 -Deja Vu We fought them again at chins (outnumbered of course) with the intentions of them possibly coming to mage bank. Thus us not having that many to begin with, they started making excuses claiming that 'mage bank is not a real pking spot' or 'mage bank is the easiest place to tank' Shortly after fighting for about 30 minutes while trying to move to a different location, impact didn't bother moving and ended after that. 9 March 2019 - The Ultimate Administrator Bait Two days have passed and impact have made it clear that they're simply trying to bore out our members attempting to make us stake our items or start 'small man pking' so they can get free score. While they were busy pretend pking on RuneScape dying to every single team in the game known to man, I decided to take the opportunity towards making a Mage Bank event return with the help of David. I contacted him to help get impact out of their comfort zone (chins, pre 30) and take them up to the big boy leagues. It ended up working as to my expectations to finally get impact out to fight Conquer. impact were never seen outside the wilderness until the final day. 17 March 2019 - Judgement Day This event was known for about a week, even impact were prepared for it, or... were they really prepared? They expected to have a pull of 25 but barely managed to get 20 people. Despite them being prepared for this event, it really shows how much the team morale has gone down since they have been avoiding us on an RSPS just to die to every team on RuneScape and post their little mystic kills and 115 HP 'chances'. We rocked the mage bank event by storm and saw that the competition wasn't looking too good. Sure we did have a lot of people, but I don't recall anyone in impact actually dying in a fall-in. Every single impact death was due to a 1v1. It's hard to get a proper focus kill while their inexperienced leaders force them to sit under lever and do absolutely nothing. At least solidtag have the decency of actually moving off lever and getting proper fights. Here is the TRUE quality of impact. Both DEAD in a 1v1 scenario. These were easily avoidable deaths, but when your inexperienced in fights in terms like this it really shows the difference between both teams. Even Louis agrees that these deaths were avoidable but I guess the quality of your team didn't really step up to the plate. At least they have people like DIZZY in their team giving them the boost of confidence they need! 18 March 2019 - The nail in the coffin After yesterday there was an individual that didn't like where the team was standing. This individual finally woke up and saw the light of how impact tend to run things. He had enough and didn't want anything to do with louis anymore. Sadly for this guy he thought we wouldn't be on standby waiting for him. He was caught soloing in max basically trying and prove a point that impact would eventually come out and save him. Hate to break to you but, that didn't happen. Such a shame to see the 'Kings of RuneWild' be dethroned in only two weeks. Rest easy, hopefully you'll make a strong comeback. (sike lmfao) Extra's Posting some kills that we've gotten pking while impact were busy with, well, you know what. FT. solidtag and FBG.
  2. Our Public Discord: https://discord.gg/a6tyw59 (Can we open our eyes yet?) Conquer (If you're wondering why solidtag & impact are lower cased is because I classify them as dogs, explanation below.) Ever since our arrival to RuneWild it was action packed (even though fights have been locked at chins) for the first three days. Teams would actually give us the time of day to give us proper fights. But now it's become more a mission to even attempt to get teams to fight each other. At this point the teams are going to kill the game just by not PKing. Day 1: The Initial Hit (solidtag) The first day we stepped onto the server was a surprise to most, no body thought this could have been executed so perfectly, only we were able to pull off something like this but it's expected of us at the end of the day. We started out by basically baiting out solidtag towards revenant caves (since they wouldn't leave Chins) in order to get a proper hit. I had people prepared for this hit thus hitting them on login. With this we were able to get clicks off and isolate the majority of people. This hit resulted with 3 Max kills at the end of this. Why do we even try? lmfao Solidtag have even gone through the lenghts of FAKING (which they're known for lmfao) a random DBOW AXE on us. There's even proof of a Solidtag member using our spam name to fight us. Day 2: solidtag (again) After the first day out Impact tried redeeming themselves by giving us a graves fight (lmfao quality). There was no point trying to move them up so we stayed and gave them exactly what they wanted. 10 minutes of fighting and we've already claimed a kill on solidtag Leader 'hamza' Stay easy Day 3: Impact Now impact, I thought that they'd be the team to actually give us a challenge seeing as they had more people and have been playing this game longer than anybody here. But I guess since they're under the leadership of louis and makaveli I wouldn't be surprised that they wouldn't try to do anything with their pull and keep the fight static at chins. 20 minutes of fighting and we've managed to kill impact leader 'Liam'. I guess this is why they never want to give us any fights. Random PKS: If you're tired of massing for hours and doing absolutely nothing, your leaders forcing you to never fight at Mage Bank because they claim it's 'easy to tank' feel free to DM any official confidentially to discuss business matters.
  3. PUBLIC DISCORD - https://discord.gg/a6tyw59
  4. Conquer

    Our Official Discord : https://discord.gg/RRWAPj7 @Bounty07 (Bounty07#0787) @Theo (Theo#2205) @Mongoose (Mongoose#9759) @Ben (ben#2066)