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    good videos sir, nice spcs
  2. Capes tob and Cox

    the truth is that I would like to add them all
  3. Capes tob and Cox

    I think these capes would be a great potential to bring more people into the game and motivate all runwild pvm players to do a more challenging mode. Cox and Tob thought it would be great to add them to the game.
  4. Forgot My Account Pin

    friend join the group of discord and ask for help from david he is the only one who can help you with that https://discord.gg/fwszJTM7
  5. Tob music

    Don't you think it would be a great idea to add verzik's music to give that boss a lot of excitement? Although just seeing so many people who started doing it makes me very happy I think we should give it some more fun, what do you think?
  6. CoX Solo No Food

    wow friend good video!
  7. help to recover my bank pin

    David friend please help me to recover my bank pin
  8. Raids 2 Guide

    person and she is always changing tanks I think it is another mistake that must be accommodated and there are more efficient ways to make the boss and it is not necessary to use twisted arc, I think it could be done with a more basic gear I could say that They should be able to kill everyone a tentacle.
  9. loting bag

    for someone and I would like that this game error was settled we know that it is not the big thing but I think it would not be bad accommodate it as it could be helpful at least for the ultimate ironman.
  10. I don't see anything good about the update if the bosses don't come out it's just like updating for the sounds I think you had to get the boss with the items on February 20th but thanks for the updates
  11. loting bag

    good friends as they are all the publicity that they are today is to talk if we can repair the lottery bag for all the players as well as the last ones I think it is something vital for them layers that the reason is also very difficult to have one but without a bag Lottery is almost impossible please use it.
  12. brother the blow of verzik victor in his third phase should be avoided by getting under her
  13. the update is very good but I would like that they could verzik in p3 could be tanked to give good use to the scythe in verzik and that the rare drop in theater of blood will stop my action faster - just rude - has 50 kill that I have taken a long time for nothing I think they should improve that, apart I already suggested in a forum about the list of drops of verzik victur and not ricibi nor a doctor but at least thanks for putting it.