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  1. PURE PK WITH G MAUL COMBOS?! Legendary Box GiveAway

    Erm needs to be a bit more clean with the switches haha
  2. My d00d Corp Beast

    If it's easier on Osrs then it is on Rune wild, you know you got a problem. Lol
  3. My d00d Corp Beast

    AM try and solo it with cannon, the cannon won't hurt corp at all lol. I've seen it in action many times it's only good for killing core, which it's still not great for. Corp is supposed to be able to be solo'd and it's not possible at the moment. Why would I want to duo corp? Last time we got an ely we all got scammed, and if I got ely, I wouldn't want to sell it it'd go str8 to the bank.
  4. My d00d Corp Beast

    I challenge Staff to try and solo corp. You can hit every prayer 100% right, and still won't last long enough to finish kill, I get him to around 400-600 hp If I'm 100% flawless. I don't want it to be easy, but I am GOOD at corp and he is just unreasonable in this game.
  5. Corporal Beast Event

    Still hope to see this happen!! Would be fun!
  6. Zamorakian Hasta

    I'm not very educated on this, and I'm not quite sure if it's already in game, but you should be able to use spear on like the ring enchanter and get a hasta in return. Would be nice.
  7. My d00d Corp Beast

    Well I mean I'm basically the only one that does corp lmao
  8. My d00d Corp Beast

    He is a bit over powered imo, I solo on plenty of other servers, and it's even easier on osrs! The melee damage works fine, but the magic attack hits over 40 through prayer, and when core spawns it's nearly impossible! Maybe find a way to adjust it's strength depending on the amount of people attacking him? It's a very hard solo and in my 50 or so attempts the closest I've gotten was 400 HP left. Another Idea to fix this is maybe make it so he doesn't regenerate health when you die, or at least not for a certain amount of time. On Osrs he doesn't, and it makes it so much easier because you can use Arclight/Darklight Bgs/DWH to weaken it as many times as you want!
  9. Small but could help a lot

    Yeah for sure, the arrows are the big one for me.
  10. Small but could help a lot

    This is Abye5, so obviously this won't be put together well but I think a cool update would be to seeing spawnables quit dropping on death and cluttering the wilderness, ESPECIALLY ARROWS. I could click my opponent square on their chest and end up looting arrows 5 squares behind me and it would just be awesome if that didn't happen so much. I know I need to get gud, but still.