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  1. ANONIMO Staff Application

    thanks for the feedback once again friend Hope you have a great day @Wheelchairz
  2. ANONIMO Staff Application

    Glad to see you take the time for some constructive criticism thanks friend.
  3. [RuneWild] Max Nhing, Plankers and More

  4. First off, Thank You for Viewing this Application And For your Constructive feedback! Much appreciated What's your in-game username? - ANONIMO What is your timezone? - GMT-6 What is your playtime? - 6 days, 21 hours, 53 minutes (as of this moment) [https://gyazo.com/cf2b75a4e0ee8bd8d181c2bb9b3f788b] Tell us a little about your gaming history. - Where to start Reality-pk[the first version of david and mick's creation] - RSPSPK (THE BEST VERSION) - Locopk and the Present Runewild, I'm Big In the PVP Scene with Teams and Propaganda, throughout the years i've been apart of some really big teams RSPS / 07 And Learned a lot throughout the years, I used to be not able to NH i had no clue what it was in the early stages of rspspk and Taught myself fighting Ratlords dj traphouse back in the day I really enjoy the overall content of this amazing Server. I Tend to Open a Livestream in the Runewild Discord Server whenever Players are actively using the voice channel, As well as I've been registered on the Runewild Forums Since June 2019. I'm currently going for max cape / complete all the achievements in-game. Why do you want to be a member of our staff team? - I want to become a member of the Runewild Staff Team because I'm Dedicated to Helping Players become Orientated with this server, The Satisfaction of helping players is my Motivation to Login each and every day. [I help 50% of the Server's Espanol Speaking Community as I am Bi-Lingual] I'm currently Un-employed In real life due to a Lay off through the company I worked for and I'd love to make this a part-time Pro Bono Job that I can Excel in as a Human Being, I hope to gain The Knowledge that the other staff members are learning and have already learned. Anything else you want to tell us can be posted here: So you've made it to the Bottom Hey there... Call me Ano I'm 25 and I live In Central United States. Outside of The world of Runewild, I enjoy spending time with my Beautiful Girlfriend and Doing as many positive activities as possible, One of my favorite is acrylic Painting. I'm also Facinated with cooking. My End-Game Goal IRL is to become an Executive Chef at A 5-Star Hotel. Thanks Again For Putting my application into consideration. Hope to see you in-game 🤟
  5. Already Making Boss Moves

    https://gyazo.com/3c83f9201564a306474c8720743e36f2 THE TITLE SAYS IT ALL BRO https://gyazo.com/3c83f9201564a306474c8720743e36f2
  6. Hey everyone

    Thanks for the warm welcomes Feel free to add me on the discord server as well The name is Anonimo#0601 I actively try to stream content in the discord as a livestream, You just join the voice channel i'm in and if you're on a PC you can watch my streams, I do twitch streams but Never use it for RSPS Content, i'd be screwed on getting sponsors because I CBA with raid shadow legends. Just a little bit more about myself.
  7. Hey everyone

    Hello There! My name is Anonimo And I've been a member of the runewild community since June 2019. As of recently, (The month of January) I have become very active ingame, Putting in 10+ hours a day. I'm fascinated with This game, I love it and sometimes dislike it when i lose my bank, but all in all Runewild is The #1 Server on the RSPS Lists and I'm looking forward to Becoming a Dedicated Member of the Community. Thanks for your time reading this Have a great day. Peace out.