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  1. [RuneWild] Max Nhing, Plankers and More

  2. Already Making Boss Moves

    https://gyazo.com/3c83f9201564a306474c8720743e36f2 THE TITLE SAYS IT ALL BRO https://gyazo.com/3c83f9201564a306474c8720743e36f2
  3. Hey everyone

    Thanks for the warm welcomes Feel free to add me on the discord server as well The name is Anonimo#0601 I actively try to stream content in the discord as a livestream, You just join the voice channel i'm in and if you're on a PC you can watch my streams, I do twitch streams but Never use it for RSPS Content, i'd be screwed on getting sponsors because I CBA with raid shadow legends. Just a little bit more about myself.
  4. Hey everyone

    Hello There! My name is Anonimo And I've been a member of the runewild community since June 2019. As of recently, (The month of January) I have become very active ingame, Putting in 10+ hours a day. I'm fascinated with This game, I love it and sometimes dislike it when i lose my bank, but all in all Runewild is The #1 Server on the RSPS Lists and I'm looking forward to Becoming a Dedicated Member of the Community. Thanks for your time reading this Have a great day. Peace out.