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  1. Hey guys! Firstly I'd like to introduce myself. I'm datboiwiththeaveragesizedfingers. - First what your gunna want to do is: Place your money into your invent! -2ndly, make sure your ass is nice and lubricated! Because this won't slide in as easy! -3rdly, get into a stake with a fellow runewild brother! -4th, proceed to take it in the ass by a 20 - 20 spec x2 for a 7b stake. -5th, say "Thank you, your time was well used" - Alright guys! hope you enjoyed my guide! Rate it out of 10 down below.
  2. Hire A Hitman - Prices Vary.

  3. PM - @Predazerker Depending on the targeted member of Runewild, your price will vary. If there is a special event you'd like for Predazerker to engage in, Please discuss over @PM.