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  1. Hire A Hitman - Prices Vary.

    PM - @Predazerker Depending on the targeted member of Runewild, your price will vary. If there is a special event you'd like for Predazerker to engage in, Please discuss over @PM.
  2. Im getting the general's chicken cause that shit is fire. - Just lmk what your getting before it gets to late. Place closes around like 8:00. Thanks.
  3. Hey guys! Firstly I'd like to introduce myself. I'm datboiwiththeaveragesizedfingers. - First what your gunna want to do is: Place your money into your invent! -2ndly, make sure your ass is nice and lubricated! Because this won't slide in as easy! -3rdly, get into a stake with a fellow runewild brother! -4th, proceed to take it in the ass by a 20 - 20 spec x2 for a 7b stake. -5th, say "Thank you, your time was well used" - Alright guys! hope you enjoyed my guide! Rate it out of 10 down below.
  4. Staff Application - Foster

    Well deserving of becoming a moderator, not only have you single-handedly helped me more then all the moderators combined, but you're also the easiest most content person I've met on this server. I'll staple my nut sack to a cactus if you're not picked.
  5. Hire A Hitman - Prices Vary.

  6. Game required statistics - IGN (Predazerker) IRL name - Ben - Timezone - NAT (North American Timezone). - Game play: 8 Days + going on my ninth as of this forum - Time (In hours) played daily: 3 Hours + (a day). - History of Rsps's - Donator to (Dawntained, Near Reality, Alora, Rspspk) - Player mod for Near Reality. Played Rsps's since around 2015. - (Interesting Fact) Used to hold the economy on Dawntained, but then was taken down by some scrub named Pot Noodle. Just kidding he's my boy, but he did clean me. - I want to be apart of the staff team of Runewild because I feel as if I could impact the community in a positive way. My main goal is to grow the community's numbers so that Runewild is known for its fast growing, fun environmental state. There is a lot of room for updates and add-ons that will maximize the Runewild experience. I know that I can help with new ideas for the server. Mainly, I want to be translator between the players of Runewild, and the Staff, to make sure that all of our players have a voice in the future for Runewild. - If there are any questions for me personally In-game or IRL, im sure I can be open. - Thank you for the opportunity to join the family.
  7. Staff Registration: Predazerker

    Thank you for the feedback. The reason I added the fact that I held the economy on Dawntained was because it was one of my most successful achievements on another server, especially a very competitive one. Its just a cool thing to know about my work ethic for money, and it also can tell you that I'm someone who has experienced both views from a poor and rich perspective. It allows me to have more insight on what the people of a private server want to see change from their social hierarchy.