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  5. Foster's 99 Runecrafting guide for donators ONLY! Step one: Teleport to ::di. ( As shown in the photo below ) Step two: Climb up the stairs twice to the top floor until you find the Mage of Zamorak. ( As shown in the photo below ) Step three: Teleport with the Mage of Zamorak to enter the Abyss. Once inside along the wall there are various rooms you can enter with alters inside allowing you to craft runes. ( As shown in the photo below) Step four: Now its time to start gaining levels if you have a large cash stack you can buy the pure essence from other players or the trading post be prepared to spend a lot of gp on essence most of the time it goes for around 15K-20K each. if you do not have a bunch of money sitting around you can mine your own by going to the rune essence mine VIA ancient wizard. ( This is much slower but saves millions ) Do i need talismans to get into the alter room? NO ( Currently no use for talismans at this time just use mage of zamorak ) What runes should i make? Make the best you can when you can always make the best rune you can make the better the rune the better the xp. Air altar 1 Mind altar 2 Water altar 5 Earth altar 9 Fire altar 14 Body altar 20 Cosmic altar 27 Chaos altar 35 Astral altar 40 Nature altar 44 Law altar 54 Death altar 65 Blood altar 77 Soul altar 90 Wrath altar 95 At 77 you can now use dense essence blocks to make blood soul and wrath runes. ( Dense essence can be found teleporting with the ancient wizard to the dense runestone bring a pickaxe and a chisel ) I HOPE THIS HELPS.