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  1. Master Clues

    Add Master clues with rewards such as: - Ornament kits - Bloodhound - 3rd age feel free to suggest more rewards Clues would be obtained from Wildy bosses ( more activity to wildy ) This could add more variety to the server and actually help the economy Add steps that require items such as GWD , Colored Slayer helms, (random pvm items and untradeables) Add skilling steps such as "burn a magic log", " Cut an onyx" , "Craft blood runes" you get the point Adding these simple steps (from my understanding) wouldn't take to much development time and also give some items such as bgs a purpose in the game Feedback is Appreciated
  2. Collection Log

    So I had an idea that ive had some support on, adding a cosmetic item for collection log completion or atleast 3/4 of completion. Theres currently 365 items in the collection log. Would give end game accounts something to go for as pets are very niche and can be achieved through pet boxes. Any feedback is appreciated
  3. Cox

    Thanks for the feedback everyone, I like the wildy slayer idea
  4. Cox

    Would be nice to see Cox added. I know most raids 1 items are dropped from wildy bosses and it keeps wild active but maybe add Cox with decreased droprates, to keep the incentive for wildy. but also to have variety