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  1. Louis | Staff Application

    Before i make my decission i have a question: Would u be able to chose sides? If one of your people RWT's what do u do? u gonna tell david? u gonna let it slide or? ur reaction on this would be a +1 or a -1 from me.
  2. Road To Max/Achievement cape!

    well i have noticed RC isnt that bad, but im used to wilderness slayer so thats a bummer atm. Might even enable ELITE tasks for the fun
  3. Road To Max/Achievement cape!

    updated once again ^^^
  4. Max Cape Perks

    Max Cape Perk Suggestions: (Feel Free to Suggest more and critique) 1.) Built In Lock Pick for Axe Hut / Pirates Hut- +1 very nice addition for the grind being. 2.) Free 100% Stamina boost 1x per day - +/- wont think this is a very boost or somthing? when do u need this? 3.) 5x Free Mage Capes Per Day -1 just bring a magic cape. 4.) Free Entrance to the Resource Arena -1 should be one of the other or free entrance or built in lock pick not both to easy to escape w/ pking than 5.) 1 Free Invi Slot (Inbuilt Glory / Teleport) +/- On osrs i think its that u can tele to house or crafting guild but if we getting some other upgrades to it like point 1 and 4 it might be top OP. 6.) Cemetery Teleport -1 no use just use ::Graves 7.) Teleport To Slayer Task +1 This could also be ur teleport from point 5. 8.) Max Cape zone (Better Xp Rates / Additional Boss's / Monsters) -1 we have donator zones with free mobs 9.) Make all in 1 cape (Competitionist Cape) by adding; Fire Cape / Mage Arena Cape I / Ava's Infernal Cape / Assembler / Mage Arena Cape II -1 we have a clan cape for KOTH that aint near as good as this i think this trybrid cape would be to OP u could better have a firecape/magearena 2/avas (same as KOTH cape) 10.) Ability to add seeds to the cape. ? we dont have farming? 11.) Increased Drop Rate on Task +1 would be awesome 12.) 100% Success Rate When Slashing through Webs +1 this is one of the best suggestions u did. 13.) Free Imbued Heart 1x a Day (After Added To Cape) -1 imbued heart is like 100m and would drop more maybe? not fan of this
  5. Road To Max/Achievement cape!

  6. Road To Max/Achievement cape!

    updated ^
  7. Loot from 100 Greater Nechryael's - pvpLUC

    Thanks for even showing your setup! helps new players also! i'd like to see the idea of peter Try zulrah! Tbow works best there

    dont worry it aint the worst its the best video u made yet. i wil improve now, after i improved i will be a god. No one can stop a god!
  9. planting my lovely seed

    Welcome back and hope to see u stream soon or some artwork fo u
  10. starting with my forum

    goodluck my friend! hope u enjoy the forums
  11. runewild angry boxing simulator

    ur so good its amazing
  12. Fg00ns 1 - 0 Mortem

    Free money is always good money
  13. Donator rank?

    It should be automatic
  14. Need help making display bigger

    This is it!
  15. runewild fight club

    Good Job