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  1. Suggestions!

    First I want to thank you for taking your time to read this post! *Please note that I only play in Iron Man Mode, so this topic might not apply to regular players!* Please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, it wont hurt my feelings! +Brutal Green Dragons - BGD in the Ancient Caver are glitched and do not drop loot when killed (please fix)! +Divine Potions - Will Divine Potions be craftable/made by players in the future? I see this as important options for Herblore and Money Making for Irons! +Cooking Gauntlets - Very annoying when fishing & cooking to have to take the gloves off to not fish cooked fish. Could this be a players' decision on the Game Toggles? +Resource Area Fishing - Anglerfish only give 1200 XP for TWO, Sharks give 1100 XP for ONE? Unlike Mining and Woodcutting XP seems to not be worth it while fishing. +Skilling - While many play to PK, the Iron Man community is growing and people are skilling a lot more. The server has a lot of rewards for PKing but NONE for skilling? *Mods feel free to PM me I have some ideas* +Donator Rank - Many of us, including myself are BROKE in real life! Could Donator Ranks be purchased with in-game gold? If so, could they be purchased by Irons? I think this will give people another possible goal and also encourage game-play! This concludes my suggestions (for now) I'll be making more updates to this in the future!
  2. Experience Rates after update

    Hey David thanks for the reply! I very much enjoy the content you guys are putting out, haven't experienced it all yet but for sure will! I'm looking forward to having more in-game experience and maybe putting an application to be of more help to the server and the players. That makes complete sense and I'm glad you guys are progressing to a more stable and accurate system! Thanks for taking your time to answer, Xtreme Pain,
  3. Experience Rates after update

    Hello and thanks to who ever is reading this! First things first! I want to thank the staff for making RuneWild a possibility and keeping up the good work! Now, I myself play to PvM and do some Skilling. I like to explore and see how much time and effort the creators of an rsps have put into it. I also look at how much attention to detail they have put into making everyone's experience unique and enjoyable. I'm a very social person and like to help people out with what I can. I also like to play very strategic and do things as efficient a possible. All of that makes me choose Iron Man style of game play 95% of the time. Which is why I decided to post today. From my understanding Iron Man have different experience rates than normal player and also from my understanding is less than normal players. No issue with that I think who ever is playing as an Iron Man likes a challenge. I noticed that after the last update the alchemy experience is different. I'm talking about "level 55 Modern Magics: High Level Alchemy Spell." Experience per Cast use to be 5,000 and now is 1,650. This is the only thing I've noticed so far! Not sure if this was a mistake since nothing was said on the update post about experience changing. If experience rates have changed I would like some more information on it. But in my opinion this makes it unfair from the new Iron Man (myself) to compete on the high scores. Thanks, XTreme Pain!