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  1. Staking adventure + 500M Giveaway/5 Winners!

    nice video sir
  2. video

    nice vid sir.

    w0t i dont even undersatnd
  4. we need map and game sound !!!

    heat maps are dope asf to have show where most people are in the wild they are sick af
  5. Experience Rates after update

    good stuff man i think the exp rates for crafting are a bit slow lol.. >.<
  6. Above average

    good vid sir
  7. The secret hit

    How to 1 tick ags maul on prayer maybe on tank also. good guide! :thumbsup:
  8. Hydra Guide

    Thanks for this guide man this will help me a lot!
  9. Updated NPC locations Guide

    This is great, not only for people burnt on pking, but for those new ironmen that will be comming after I start making videos Thanks for the guide sir!
  10. [Video] Raids 2 Solo Guide + Advanced Guide

    This is something more people need to watch, theres a lot of people complaining that they need more people to do it. Good job sir.
  11. AIO Bosses Guide

    good guide sir. much appreciated
  12. Corporal Beast Event

    One once told me not to revive old posts for post count, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.
  13. Hire A Hitman - Prices Vary.

    How much does "Hope" cost?? I can secure the bag if you got the goods knom sayin??
  14. OSRS Token Cash-in

    David always got you bro.