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  1. Player Started Tournaments

    @David I still like this idea.
  2. HiT aGs HiT

    RNG got manipulated by David like mine, I zee
  3. Official - PRICE GUIDE - 2021

    Could you add the prices for: - Imbued heart (100m +/-) - Anti-Santa Set (100m-150m) Some price changes should be done: - Ankou set is not worth 10-20b because of Halloween boxes, it is around 1B for top and bottom, so the whole set is around 1.5-2.5B. - Tormented bracelet is 400-500m - Spectral spirit shield is 200-250m - Armadyl Crossbow is 100m - Eternal boots are 30-40m Other prices are good for now.
  4. Suggestions

    I support this, maybe add some new bosses from OSRS into the wilderness? (Hill giant boss, Sarachnis, Skotizo, Hespori, moss giant boss, Mimic, Grotesque guardians, Sire and 100+ other potential quest bosses like the dragon from DS2) And let them drop good shit, mage bank for example can get more alive. AND Improve rewards for hotspot!
  5. [Video] Raids 2 Solo Guide ADVANCED

    ASMR voice type shit, not everyone has 10b+ for your setup btw
  6. [Alpha Pack] Recruitment

    Good clan, vouchhh
  7. [SELL] Ankou top & bottom

    Pm me in-game or throw ur offers in this thread, minimum offers of 400m for one part!