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  1. Swarm's staff application

  2. Swarm's staff application

    What's your in-game username? - 0o0o0o0o nh / swarm What is your timezone? - gmt+1 What is your playtime? - 50 days and 12 hours Tell us a little about your gaming history. - I Joined runewild when it first started, since then I have always been active & helped the server out. I've rwted and got muted a few times but over that I always tried to help this server out. I believe that I can make sure that every player in-game gets the assistance they need and I'm on 12h a day whenever anyone needs me. Why do you want to be a member of our staff team? - I'm a fair player, I follow the game by the rules & I'm always ready to help people out. remember, the guy you least thinks can do it is the one that does it best. Anything else you want to tell us can be posted here: No, I'm just looking forward for all feedback by the community on the thread and I'm looking forward to be a part of the team! - Swarm

    YO, David you changed the central boss from 3k hp til 20k hp & higher defence bonus (???). this boss already drops jackshit and you made it even worse, you should change the drops on the boss instead of increasing the hp & defence bonus of it that was the most stupid shit I've seen in my life also add a blood key system like dawntained have so you actually wanna run the multi and can feed your cc for their work in the wilderness, we don't get jackshit for what we're doing now like come on add a blood key system or change the treasure chest loot to something better. come on let us see a change in the wilderness, all multipkers are complaining come on do something @David
  4. Suggestions of new update

    1. Risk zone: It's way to small, when people no arm risk fight and you nh in the area it's often that you run under eachother or disturb eachothers fight. imagine if server would be bigger, would be way worse. maybe fix a brid/nh arena and one for melee only. no need to have it in edge tbh even if it looks cool 2. Anglerfish update ruined everything for us nhers, would love to see if you could change it back like it was before 3. delays on flower poking, I'm sure david works on it already well also when you fp some1 and he get white and you get more pairs than him you still win. 4. add blood key system or something so we can feed our multiclans fr, no1 wanna be out there grinding for free
  5. Great updates, just need some updates in wildy now..
  6. Fux Boy's Staff Application

    You're activity on forums & on discord Is enough. I've seen that you increased your activity in-game lately so I'm not gonna complain about that 1 either. just less gambling in-game when you play & It's a 1000% yes from me. You def deserve a chance buddy best of luck
  7. Gambling Ban

    Yeah, I agree. a gamble addict will pay for the unban regardless so that shouldn't be an option. Good suggestion!
  8. Im Superior's Application

    I totally agree with Jelly, you have to get yourself involved with the community before you even consider making an staff application. It's a no from me until you prove me wrong, be active & involve yourself with the community & then reapply. Swarm
  9. Suggestions

    you should redo the treasure chest with blood keys and make that you can open keys at ::home. each key should give you like 100m gp and a ags or claws that would hype up the wilderness so much. Yes, what are we supposed to do with 5m? 5m is what you get from pvming 3 min or a kill in wild that gives you around 100 xmas ticket (4m) also 500k gp & 500 pk ticket which makes it 5m total. You have to add something bigger that makes people actually wanna get out & pk, we as owners wanna be able to pay our members for their work every week but we can't because there is nothing that we can work for. keys should def be added also "getting a chance" that's just bullshit, like infernal at toro. we want something more stable
  10. Suggestions

    I run a big multi cc & It's hard to feed them when all the events are junks. you get like 25m each from xmasboss which is every 4h 10m max on toro and like 20m total on chest.. you guys should add more wildy events or change loot on the current ones like the chest or add something new like blood keys or so which give you higher amounts of money. then people would actually think it's worth building multi teams to go up & try get the keys or whatever it is. also more 07 events for multi and higher than only 35m when you go to an event 2 days and only get 35m. It's impossible to split this between the cc members @David@Hope
  11. KKR aka Marius

    Nice to meet you #Niggeria
  12. White Claw's Application

    Great app, you are semi-helpful in-game but I'm sure you would be able to take care of the rank well. Goodluck
  13. Staff Application

    Have never seen you help via yell or been in the help cc as your always in roberts cc PK'ing. heres a list of what you could improve to increase your chances 1. stop being toxic when you're pking, you can flame to a limit but don't go over it if you wanna represent yourself as a moderator on Runewild. 2.. Increase your activity on forums, your forums posts talks for itself. also be more active in-game & be more helpful/active on the discord, forums. 3. also, your english Is not the best it's often hard to understand what you really mean. I think language Is 1 of the main requirements you need to be staff but well well, goodluck
  14. Jelly Bean's Staff application

    I always see you active in-game helping players ingame and also via forums so I don't see a reason why you shouldn't get it. best of luck mate