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  1. Bank Picture Thread

    U tryna organize my bank for me?
  2. Rate the setup

    I really like this nice
  3. Staff Feedback Format

    - Owner - @David - Honestly one of the best owners I ever experienced in my 5 years of rsps history, he listens to the community and there suggestions and puts out tons of updates and I can tell he really takes his time on them. Keep up the good work david you never fail to impress me - Senior Moderator: - @Virtus - Never really see you in-game so cant really say anything about you @B- you need to stop being rich and share some of your wealth with me XD, but your a very chill person and very helpful - Community Manager - @Calm I haven't really talked to you much so I cant really say anything about you - Global Moderator: - @Heart Attack/ G - I love this boob shaped guy haha, very chill guy and he's very helpful and never fails to put a smile on Trey's face @Nicc - I don't see you much in-game so I cant really say anything about you - - Moderator: - @Maxed / Pied Piper- Very helpful person @Karlee / AK - Oh this my boy right here, he's extremely chill guy and very helpful and very active. By far best choice to be part of the staff team @Cata - Oh lemme tell you about cata, one of the most funniest mods I witnessed. If I ever need a laugh ill come to this guy, he's also very helpful and chill
  4. Just a few suggestions

    My first suggestion is that I feel like double logging should be allowed but with minor tweaks to it, like only allowing 1 account in the wilderness. I feel like this would help players a lot with transferring items to another account because myself witnessed some people attempting to scam others while doing this and I feel like by adding this it will be a relief on some of these players. My second suggestion is adding more treasures chests spawns in singles because I believe there is only one currently, and I feel like it would make the singles community a little more active in my opinion. My third suggestion is that possibly adding the wilderness slayer master. This will also make wilderness a little more active in my opinion, and possibly making the wilderness slayer master granting a little more slayer experience. My fourth suggestion , I know this might be a little to much asking but maybe possibly adding the full theater of blood, I’ve asked a lot of players in game and 100% of the players I asked agreed that full tob should be added but worry about that last
  5. Pk vid 4

    Need claws not ags. sssssssssssss
  6. Rip 200+ KS

    cya hick
  7. Donator Island

    sometimes i type ::empty instead of ::di wondering why