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  1. R E D's Staff application

    Best of luck.
  2. Spider-Man AKA Shelbs for Support

    Good luck.
  3. Achievement Cape Perks

    Achievement cape got +4% drop rate which max cape is 2%,there are no other perks for achievement cape.
  4. birthday luck :)

    Gz,nice kc.
  5. Ely PK

    Nice kill
  6. Double or Nothing : episode 8 & 3B Giveaway!

    Great vid again.
  7. Brand New Series! Double or Nothing Ep1 + 1B Giveaway!

    Gf man.Nice video,keep it up .
  8. (m) Oderator Pk video ?!

    Awesome vid,keep it up.
  9. miisa's first pk video

    Great video man
  10. Road to 20B from scythe EP 6 ! + FEROCIOUS GLOVES GIVEAWAY!?!

    Nice vid man,keep it up.