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  1. Good job.Nice update.
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  4. Money making guide

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  7. Hello all! :D

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  8. Ayuda

    Please type ::support in game and create a ticket
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  10. I forgot my bank pin

    Please pm David#5801 on discord.
  11. Apocalpyse | Multi CC & Chill Community

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  12. Loot from 1k nex

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  13. How to repair damaged Torva

    Location:Nex dungeon-Furnace icon on minimap You need bandosian components to repair damaged torva.They are made by breaking down a bandos chestplate or bandos tassets at the ancient forge. Breaking down a chestplate gives three bandosian components and tassets gives two bandosian components.You'll need one bandosian components to repair torva helm and two bandosian components to repair torva platelegs or torva platebody.
  14. my name name -hawk

    Type ::support in game and create a ticket>perm jails