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  1. LADS

    Welcome to runewild! Big tip, dont go close to the gambling area.
  2. Road to 20B from scythe EP 7 ! + 1,8B GIVEAWAY !?!

    keep it up baguette men
  3. Keep up the videos mr baguette!
  4. david gib pet
  5. Looking for series ideas

    Testing Osrs money making methods in Runewild
  6. Road to 20B from scythe EP 1 !

    Goodluck baguette men
  7. New Players Guide

    Newbie Guide Welcome to a guide made for new players. In here we will discuss a few points and tips that I wish I knew before, as it would've helped me save up a lot of money and time. General Tips and Tricks Use ::commands in-game if you cant find a command Purchasing Items Money Making Great Guide by @lustman Where to find... Emblem Trader: Ancient Wizard (Can tp you to alot of places): Duradel (Slayer): Tournament Hoster Barrows Repair Stand Lunar Altar Rejuvenation (Restore Healing+Prayer+Spec) Scams TBA Please let me know in the comments anything else that comes to mind when reading this guide, so i can add it. Shoutout to @Peterfor helping me with some questions I wasn't too sure about. THIS GUIDE IS A WORK IN PROGRESS Habra una parte donde estara traducido el guide al Español, Spanish Translation of the guide will be provided after completion.