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  1. Good luck everyone! Too bad I cant play at that time
  2. Nasty Focus's Staff Application

    Compulsive liar though, which does not seem too good when you're trying to be a staff member.
  3. pure nh clipclear: dds and maul of granite

    Aye very nice clips and kills, keep it up!
  4. Vote Mystery Box

    You may vote once every 12 hours @vivo d vrg
  5. Drop Rate

    I'm wondering how this could have a detrimental effect on the economy, just curious is all.
  6. BACK AGAIN!@!

    Good luck man!
  7. PvP

    You must eat the Angler to get the boost before entering the wildy/riskzone to have over 99 hp
  8. Road To Max/Achievement cape!

    Ayeee nice!
  9. Donator rank?

    I'm having this issue aswell
  10. rng in pking

    I do feel like pking can be sometimes one sided, but then again, shit happens in all games so... ya win some ya lose some.
  11. Pets

    There are around 13-14 pets that you can obtain through Pet Boxes, but other's you must earn from the boss/monster themselves.
  12. Vote reward

    I agree with Nasty, there is no reason to be rude. Either answer, or dont.
  13. Speaking another langauge

    Chico Black has been causing huge amounts of issues throughout this entire server...
  14. Home Teleport Locations

    I like this idea I've experienced other places where ::home and pressing the home button led to two different locations, both Edgeville, but one closer to the bank and the other closer to the wilderness pit.