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  1. bullshit

    lolol ok
  2. bullshit

    do what I want
  3. bullshit

    lol, professional????? by letting flippo and all there other butt buddy say what ever they want but nothing happens too them cause lunim and winningg are giving it too them in the ass. lmfao your servers is a joke m8 sorry too tell you
  4. bullshit

    I love how I was muted for fucking nothing on this shit ass server. fuck this shit game you're all trash and I love your pick who you wanna mute and banned etc. your staff cant manage a server worth dick they don't serve the server like they should ive reported many people for flaming and using the n word. nothing ever happened too them other than winnings useless ass saying do do it again lmfao but I get straight up muted at friend. fuck you fags. enjoy your toxic ass server
  5. so why did I get muted for telling winningg "ill be winningg this" in a tounny? I followed her and said "ill be winning this" and she muted me. why?


    1. Ravage


      If you tell me your username I'll be able to tell you why you were punished.

    2. me k0ed you1

      me k0ed you1

      eatmyballs, ign. winningg muted me after I told him "ill be winning this" in a tounny. I know he don't let me but no reason for the idiot too mute me for no reason at all. 

  6. soooo why did I get muted for no reason? in the tounny? I walked behind mod winningg and said " ill be winningg this" and she muted me for that...