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  1. Blood Lust Recruitment

    Username: wizkalifiaTime zone: CSTK/D Ratio: (Screenshot) KDR: 1.42Play time: (Town crier @Home) play time 12 daysLanguage(s): EnglishDiscord: YesMicrophone: No
  2. Savages Official Clan Thread

    Username - WizkalifiaTimezone -UTC (central time zone)K/d ratio - Playtime (Location is at ::guide) - 8 days LOL thought i had the account for a year now.Language - EnglishDiscord - Yes Microphone - no --> I can't find the discord for https://discord.gg/PfspUKU
  3. The blackjack update is bogus bro! EVERY HAND! I got 5,5 and dealer 5,5. EVERY HAND! And I played 500 credits... -.- betting 50's and 100's. That honestly needs to be fixed.