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    some cringy noises here and there but i hope you enjoy!
  2. Another tradingpost suggestion

    Would make life much easier, instead of having to sell things yourself, yelling 'items for sale cheap in my tp' would be possible. Support for this.
  3. Max Cape Perks

    I like that idea as well, sort of like a free skills necklace instead of having to pay the 50k per use, and a tele to wildy agility would be handy, instead of having to run there every time.
  4. Max Cape Perks

    I agree! I do a lot of slayer even after 99 because I'm broke, so teleporting to tasks, or just personal teleports instead of having to run to the wizard sounds like a great addition to the cape.
  5. Max Cape Perks

    Hello everybody! Your friendly nerdy no-life here, I wanted to present the idea of max cape perks (not sure if this has been posted before, if so, SORRY!). I know it has probably been said before here in suggestions, and I do understand that a large majority of the players on RuneWild do not have a max cape, there is approximately 26 of us currently, I believe. That doesn't mean that max cape should only be cosmetic, and otherwise dead content, though. In OSRS, although a large majority of players do not have the max cape, the small percentage that do, get a large number of perks along with the cape. For example: They have teleports on the cape that other players do not have. Now obviously, this is due to the skillcape perks from all of the other 99s the maxed players have achieved, being combined on the max cape. If you'd like to see those perks, look here: http://oldschoolrunescape.wikia.com/wiki/Skillcape_perk#Perks I'm not saying that RuneWild should replicate skillcape perks from OSRS, what I'm saying is that I feel as if it'd be a good idea to make the max cape a piece of relevant content within the game. It is currently cosmetic really, as said before, and the only perks you get come from when you merge a cape with it, as of right now. Obviously if perks were added and they were desirable, not just people who like skilling would get the max cape, but it would eventually be nice for everyone to have, therefore driving more people to explore more portions of the game, perhaps even bringing new players? I'm not sure though! I don't just want these to be my suggestions though, leave your suggestions as to what could be put on the max cape in the replies, and as a community, we could create the perfect not too powerful, wonderful max cape! Thanks for reading, Nuuphag.
  6. trading post

    I was wondering why this isn't a thing yet, would be great to see! Lots of support on this one.
  7. $1000+ MBOX OPENING

    I feel like Sohan after making this, shoutout my mans but this isn't something I usually do. I thought it'd be interesting, seen as the only people who truly know what this would look like, would be the Ultimate donators. Hope you enjoy!

    Enjoy! Kinda trashy content, just me trying to rebuild as much as I could for ep 1, will get more intersting! Make sure you stay for the WHOLE thing, there's a little surprise in there.

    Thank you!

    Thanks guys, plan to put more out soon.

    I yelled a lot in this video, but I find it funny. PM me ingame and donate me anglerfish I want 1m+ bro, honestly. I hope you enjoyed, reply your thoughts, like and comment all that ;).
  12. Currently, I believe you have to fish 20k Anglerfish, or cut 20k Magic logs for a 60m reward from the achievements. In this regard, it is not worth it, because it takes a very long time to cut magic logs, and you would be sat there for a very long time. If the number needed to cut can't be reduced, the rewards should be buffed, because it would take an extreme amount of time to finish these achievements. Thanks folks, Nuuphag.
  13. Quick First Video Back

    Hope you find some enjoyment!

    ily sprad HOPE YOU ENJOY!

    I hope you enjoy! Trying to switch up my content, and make it as funny as I can. Let me know if that sounds good to you!