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  1. I posted like 8 appeals because im perm jailed and muted and noone of them have been answered for months can i get an explanation? I dont even know what i did lmao

    Owner @David Ignores me for idk what reason but for over a week he hasnt replied to a dm which multiple staff members said they have reminded him of which kind of pisses me off but other than that, listens to players opinions and takes them into account to make the server better. Administrator @G Didnt really speak with him, dont really have an opinion. Global Moderator @Adam Helped me in the past, doesn't seem biased like other mods. @Maxed This guy is so toxic, he constantly flames or flame baits on alts and then if u reply with hard flame he comes on his mod account and yell mutes you. He is biased towards his own cc and doesn't punish them as they should be. He needs to either be fair or not be allowed in a cc. @Hovaldo Asked him a few questions and he answered quick - no problems. @Incredible W Not really seen him online @Jhaf Muted me for quoting racist remark which I suppose was fair, seems fair. Moderator @Nicc I assume your na or something as I dont really see you in chat but from what I have seen, you look to be doing your job well. @AM Seems to be a little bit toxic but I dont mind it because he allows it from others, quite impartial toward majority of players. @Jadakiss Not really seen online. @Gooby Helpful, answers fast, seems to know what he's doing.