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  1. Hello guys, I am doing this thread just to let y’all know ill be a new YouTuber on the scene for Runewild ! Ill be hosting many giveaways ! For my first giveaway ill me giving 1-5b so Stay Tuned ! Go Subscribe to my channel : https://youtube.com/channel/UCiOZlTNRd3tTdz4Tzjxz1Rg I love this community ❤️
  2. SUPPORT STAFF - 2021

    Crazy story - king Von
  3. SUPPORT STAFF - 2021

    Sorry I didnt help you when you were asking for money I have love for everyone
  4. SUPPORT STAFF - 2021

    Hi this is my application to become a Staff Support : My ingame name : 2021 What is your timezone : (UTC- 05:00) Est (É. -U. Et Canada) What is your playtime? - 21 days but I been playing on & off for years Joined runewild back in 2019, was playing fp’s & pvming alot the good old days. Been off game couple time because of university studies but now im back forever! I want to become staff memeber because I feel with this title and responsibility I will be able to help more people in the community. I want also to help the staff community and the server owner because they did an amazing job for us. By me becoming staff Support I hope it will help the server to increase its popularity because I love to play this game and I just wish more & more players should have the chance to experience it !
  5. 4b Giveaway Tomorrow !!

    4B giveaway tomorrow guys ! Dont miss out !!! Also make sure to follow @Runewild.Rsps on Instagram ! Good luck to everyone CLICK HERE TO FOLLOW THE INSTAGRAM
  6. Ingame review

    hi, my IGN is op nigga, i'm taking a moment to introduce myself and thank david and all the runewild team for the great work you do. sometimes life goes bad but runewild is always there to cheer me up with a community of extraordinary people. I really appreciate this family! Team Runewild! Ps: If you need anything, help, loan etc just hit me up in pm