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  1. Craig | Staff Application

    Ahh so the lies begin, first of all you are a pathological liar who makes up utter shit to aid your agenda such as this one i wasnt demoted for either of those things but sure, you got to where you were on the staff team due to your long term friendship with jason (bapes personal ddoser and well known doxer). this reply just proves the point i was making so thanks for exposing yourself ig
  2. Craig | Staff Application

    Did nothing but abuse on Os-scape was easily the most hated staff member on os-scape aswell as provided no actually support to the game and allowed raggers to run around freely perming everyone. Kindra32 once said "Craig should never had made it past helper" and i must say i agree with this statement. Overall i think you would be making a mistake by allowing a person like this to join the staff team as his only aim is to abuse the system to mute and ban anyone he does not agree with. -1
  3. Max Cape Perks

    Sounds good bro finally a use for my max cape