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  1. Why can't enter Saradomin GWD area?

    OKa, thanks
  2. Recently I had a desire to do saradomin GWD (commander Zilyana), because of the interesting thing, to try something that I had not tried, and because I saw that it appears in the collection log, after that I prepared, look for everything I need for the fight and to enter, well, I tried to enter the saradomin area with ropes, mithril grapple, and everything that you can imagine to enter and i didnt got it, so I want to know if it is a bug, why it cannot be entered or what do I really need to enter?. note: my sponsor rank is Legendary so i don't need KC to enter.
  3. Help plz

    I am new here, i was doing pvp in order to learn and i got a RIng of the gods, i was trying put a offer of the item but say something like "You can sell this item" is not imbued so i want know why i can sell it??