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  1. Sup dudes

    New to the forums, not so new but still kind of new ingame. Some might know me as Allegiance, others as W a l l a h. Little bit about myself: I’m 24 years old, i’ve been playing Runescape and some Private Servers since i was old enough to apreciate a womans body, i’m guessing around 13 years of age. Something about a girl with pigtails and a Pink elegant blouse drives me crazy. Runescape joke, haha... Anyway, i’ve fallen in love with not only the RuneWild server, but the community in it’s entirety. Nothing like being flamed and recieving death threats in your PMs after you drop someone at risk zone for a 120+ damage stack, am i right? 😂 Another joke... Keep up lol. Anyways, thats it for me guys. Hope to see you all in game, stop by and say hello! -Allegiance