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  1. What's your in-game username? - Focus Me What is your timezone? - UK GMT+1 What is your playtime? - 2 days on this account. Accrued over 15 days on all accounts. Tell us a little about your gaming history. -I Started playing in 2005, and i've been playing consistently since then up to now, most recently on 07. I Have a high level account on there with knowledge of the pking side but also the Pvm side aswell. Why do you want to be a member of our staff team? - I would like to help out in this timezone which is quite demanding, help people enjoy the game and help out if needs be, and remove any toxicness in the process. Anything else you want to tell us can be posted here: I've never been banned playing runewild either, and i would like to be given the opportunity to show myself and help the community grow.